December 27, 2016 09:43 in bugs (Zircon Development)

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    "As a start, the viewcount on the top left of the webpage seems to increase by 2 every time I make 1 view. It's really weird."
    I'm not having this issue at all, which is odd. It's something on your end.
    December 27, 2016 10:52 (rev. 2 by CosmicEternity on December 27, 2016 11:21) in Hello World! (General Chat)

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      Posted by azernitra
      liar! this isn't the first thread

      also, hi. this is StapleButter. StapleButter is an idiot who likes picking random names.

      Then why does it say "1-hello-world" in the URL?
      Also, Staple, you going to work on this project or not? Or do you feel it's kinda not worthy if people are going to make 'derpboards' with it? (note: I won't be making a board with this, so there's one derpboard not being made)

      I really hope this software has good potential and gets used on good boards. :)
      Also, I got view 1337 here, I win the board (not)
      December 27, 2016 10:52 (rev. 6 by CosmicEternity on December 27, 2016 11:22) in To-do list! (Zircon Development)

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        Will converters for AcmlmBoard XD and AcmlmBoard be implemented? It might help people move to this more modern and active software. Might take some time, and probably isn't a great thing to put any reasonable priority on right now, but just a suggestion. x)

        Also, a few other suggestions:
        * Mods can bump threads to the top of the page without having to post (e.g. if an announcement needed to be repeated, then a mod doesn't have to make a new thread)
        * Filter out CSS in posts that is not part of the post layout (if they're being implemented here), simply to avoid CSS abuse in posts (like the MAOR CIRCUS!! crap).
        * Merge and split threads like you can in MyBB, I don't think I need to explain this feature.
        * Syndromes and rank creation/editing in the ACP. Would put emphasis on the ranks.
        * Contact fields on profile such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. etc.
        * Registration feature like a security question. They keep spam bots out most effectively than a CAPTCHA.
        * Block users from sending PMs or profile comments on your profile, like XenForo.
        * +1 Posts (allow cancelling this time!)
        * Reputation system, similar to the Karma on NSMBHD.
        * StopForumSpam API implementation or other implementation to stop spam on emails and IP-addresses.
        * User agent, range IP banning and username/email banning. Ban email domains that are mostly used by spammers, too.
        * FAQ should have a table of contents or use a similar system to MyBB's Help Documents (which are also searchable).
        * WYSIWYG post editor x)

        Don't implement display names, please. We saw what happened with the whole "Kawaii" thing on 101Gamers back in June, where over a fifth of the userbase (55 members total) had similar display names. If you do want to implement them, make a limit on how many times that can be changed in every [specify time period here] and show name change history, like IP.Board does it.

        Some of this might want to be implemented as plugins instead of in the main package, if Zircon uses a plugin system, that is. Also, feel free to put any sort of priority on any of my suggestions, I don't think everything here has to be done quickly, and a lot of it is just extras.
        December 27, 2016 10:55 in teh epic battle (RandomLand)

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          I'm going to go with Zircon since it is in active development and appears to be a more stable version of ABXD in the works, and I like ABXD over AcmlmBoard (couldn't install AB2.5.2 the last time I tried).
          December 27, 2016 18:20 in bugs (Zircon Development)

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            Posted by Luigi_Fan
            No, I'm sure it's not something on my end. What would even be causing that? This doesn't happen on literally any other board.

            I don't know but it seems to be acting fine on my side, although it did jump a few views up not long after I posted that, but hasn't done it since then...
            January 7, 2017 18:40 (rev. 1 by CosmicEternity on January 7, 2017 18:41) in bugs (Zircon Development)

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              anyway, MoonlightCapital is allowed to post, that's clearly a bug

              I lol'd a little too hard before realising that me being able to post is also a bug in your eyes.
              Also the viewcount goes up sometimes by 2, sometimes by 3, but usually by 1.
              January 8, 2017 12:57 in [bug] drafts don't delete themselves after you make the actual post (Zircon Development)

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                He's using the latest Chrome on Windows 10, as far as I know from what he's said before to me.
                January 18, 2017 19:26 in re: CosmicEternity (Zircon Development)

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                  Nowhere, I was just kinda expecting you to say it cos you hate me so much XD